How we're organized

A stable vision

Our vision is clear. Recognizing the continuous change of our society, Den Hartogh Logistics has organized itself in such a way that adaptation and pro-activeness are in our genes. As a preferred logistics service provider, we innovate, grow, and continue to be a stable factor in the world of chemical logistics.


Getting the chemistry right

Operational excellence is at the heart of our success as an organization. This excellence is founded on a unique blend of innovative skills: the latest, smart ICT tools, specialized in-house business analysis, and intelligent business design. Den Hartogh's ambitious and highly trained team drives logistics for the chemical industry throughout the supply chain. Our organization, equipment and processes allow us to deliver top quality, effectively. Because we deliver smart logistics solutions, take our promises to our customers seriously and deliver as agreed.


At Den Hartogh, our central control unit ensures cost effectiveness for the customer, while regional offices add value with local experience. We use a network of depots, so that local drivers present the vehicles at pick-up points and end destinations. With no language barriers or potential cross-cultural difficulties, we go further than non-local drivers and get the chemistry right.


Wired efficiency

All vehicles are equipped with satellite communication equipment, which ensures that all of our drivers are in continuous contact with their home base. Real time data and information is transferred to and from Den Hartogh's and the customers' own computer systems. Order, loading, delivery and flow meter data is transferred transparently - system to system. And smart real time geographic tracking & tracing is available to our customers, or directly to their customers if desired.


Chemistry that's personal

Connections play an important role at Den Hartogh. From linking traffic flows efficiently, to clear communication between customers, fleet operators, and drivers. We create smart links in every logistics chain. By working according to the principle of 'sole responsibility', each customer has a dedicated contact at Den Hartogh. The result is a thorough understanding of your business challenges, faster response to your enquiries, and short communication lines. Because we believe it's the chemistry between us, built on personal connections, that will lead to smarter logistics solutions.








Group Managing Director - Pieter den Hartogh

The company has always been a part of Pieter's life. Grown up in a family where the company  played a major role he enjoyed spending time in the company in weekends and holidays. Pieter gets his energy from working together with his team always looking for chances and opportunities to improve and create distinctive power. For him it is important to create a nice and challenging place to work, because we spend too much time working in our lives to make our job something boring! Always open for new ideas, rather initiating trends than following them and being the entrepreneur in the board, roles are balanced and equally divided in order to obtain the best results (with lively discussions!). Creating a strong culture where openness, respect, but also fun in business play key roles, Pieter enjoys his role a lot! 



Group Financial Director - Bram Paape

Bram has started his career as auditor at KPMG Accountants. After getting his degree as RA (register-accountant = certified public auditor) he worked as Finance Director in the automotive service industry. Since 2004 he is Group Financial Director of Den Hartogh Logistics and in this role responsible for all finance related issues including IT, Business Analysis and Insurance.

  Group Human Resources Director – Annelies Balistreri
Annelies joined Den Hartogh since October 2016 and is responsible for Group's HR strategy and the HR organisation. As member of the Board of Directors she is also responsible for Marketing & Communications. Annelies holds a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Groningen. She has a broad HR experience and has extensive international experience in various senior HR positions, including Chief HR Officer and Board member at Sanoma Learning and Sr. HR Manager at Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts.


Business Unit Director Global Logistics – Mark Warner

Mark has practically spent his entire working life in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Having worked in various positions throughout Europe, he originally joined Den Hartogh Logistics in 2001 and was instrumental in the company's evolution to a scalable pan-European intermodal operator. Thereafter he spent a number of years leading Qualcomm Europe, a global leader in mobile communication technology and The Internet of Things. Mark rejoined the Den Hartogh Board of Directors in November 2016, which includes the responsibility for the Global Logistics business unit.



Business Unit Director Liquid Logistics – Joep Aerts

Joep started his career as business consultant with a focus on logistics optimization, leading projects in the areas of supply chain and transport optimization. He joined Den Hartogh in 2008 as ICT and Business Process Manager. In 2011 Joep moved to the position of Group ICT Director and in 2015 he took the challenge to lead the Liquid Logistics operations department. Since January 2017 Joep is Business Unit Director Liquid Logistics and joined the Board of Directors. He holds a PhD in mathematics from Eindhoven University of Technology. His energy is in people development and change management.


Business Unit Director Dry Bulk - Koert van Wissen

Koert has worked in the global tank container and bulk logistics sector since 1980. He contributed to and witnessed the evolution of the tankcontainer and intermodal transport industry from its inception to the vibrant and sophisticated industry it is today. He held a number of management and Director roles in the former Unted BOS, United Transport Tankcontainers and the InterBulk Group Plc organization where he helped grow the business both organically and by acquisition. After the acquisition of United Transport Tankcontainers by InterBulk in 2006 Koert became the Chief Executive Officer of the InterBulk Group . In 2013 Koert stepped down as CEO , but remained active as advisor on a number of projects and was working on the InterBulk dry bulk business during the acquisition by Den Hartogh in March 2016. As from April 1, 2016 Koert accepted the role as Business Unit Director for Dry Bulk.



Business Unit Director Gas Logistics - Hans Kok

Hans Kok has joined the company in 2008. Before he came to Den Hartogh Logistics Hans worked at several logistics services companies, always in the field of the (petro) chemical industry. He has experience in commercial and general management in the logistics branch since 1995. In his current function he is heading the Business Unit Gas Logistics and develops the business into a worldwide leading gas logistics service provider.


Group IT Director – Dennis Hofstede

Dennis has a career of various IT roles within a mix of different kind of companies. Since 2006 he held different IT management roles by Vitens and Royal FloraHolland. Before joining Den Hartogh Logistics in 2015, his last role was Manager IT Operations at Royal FloraHolland. In his current function, Dennis is globally responsible for the continuation and innovation of IT within Den Hartogh Logistics, to support the local and global business. Dennis holds a Master of IT Management from the TU Delft, the Netherlands.



Group SHEQ Director – Robert Brownbridge

In May 2016 Robert was appointed SHEQ Director for Den Hartogh Logistics following the take-over of the InterBulk Group, where he had held the similar Group SHEQ Manger position for 5 years. Prior to this Robert has worked in a range of roles within the Chemical industry gaining a broad range of experience in this 20 year period. His safety philosophy started within ICI, developing as he moved through his career with Ineos and then to Lucite International. Here the company's manufacturing SHE Excellence programmes were applied into their practical application for the customer supply chains were Robert was the Logistics Manager. He then joined InterBulk in May 2011 taking these SHE ideas forwards and since 2016 within the Den Hartogh organisation