What we do

We are one of the worlds leading Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) when it comes to the safe and reliable transport of bulk liquids and gasses for the Chemical Industry. Our services include Global Logistics, Liquid Chemicals, Dry Bulk Logistics & Gas Logistics, Logistics Management Services, and On Site Logistics Services.


Chemistry through smart logistics

Chemical logistics is our business, and personal Chemistry with customers our aim. We bring over 96 years experience of delivering Smart Logistics for the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Den Hartogh is the specialist in road and intermodal transport of bulk liquid chemicals and gas for the chemical industry. Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Den Hartogh operates from 23 countries around the globe. Our team numbers about 1,500 employees. For transport, we make use of our own fleet of approximately 26,000 liquid, gas and dry bulk containers, 550 trucks and 400 road barrels.


Liquid Logistics

Since its early days, Den Hartogh has specialized in transporting and storing liquid chemicals. For transportation we use large single or multi-compartment bulk-liquid containers and road barrels that provide maximum carrying capacity for every shipment. This ensures extremely cost-efficient transportation.


Gas Logistics

Den Hartogh is also specialized in the transportation of Air, Chemical and Liquefied Natural gases. The air gases include Lin, Lox, Lar, hydrogen, Co2 and helium. Chemical gases include hydrocarbon gases such as propane, butane, isobutene, LPG, propellants and refrigerants, as well as ammoniac.


Global Logistics

Following successful European expansion over more than 96 years, Den Hartogh has experienced sustained business growth in intercontinental traffic since opening its hubs in Turkey, Dubai, Houston and Singapore and las but not least, by the recent integration with the InterBulk Group in March 2016.


Dry Bulk Logistics
Our trusted 'Bag-in-Box' solution is unique in the market, in that it encompasses the provision of a wide range of logistics services and material handling equipment including container + liner + loading + transport + discharge + storage facilities as well as on-site logistics. Den Hartogh is the only worldwide operator offering such an extensive portfolio of products & services to facilitate dry bulk transportation.