What we stand for

Chemistry through smart logistics

Chemistry brings us together, in more ways than one! Our personal chemistry is the ‘smart' element that makes us a leader in Chemical Logistics. It's a chemistry based on straightforward values. Our logistics services are smart, too, since we use state-of-the-art communications tools and business analysis methods. Together this combination of personal chemistry and smart logistics brings a clear benefit to all our customers: safe and efficient logistics.


A firm philosophy

Our mission statement defines our philosophy as a company:

Ambitious people realising creative logistics solutions


As world-class specialists in bulk chemicals and gas logistics, Den Hartogh are co-creators of logistics solutions. Our mission expresses our intention to achieve this in teamwork with each other and with you, our customers. We're guided by values that offer you practical benefits, because our vision is to make adaption to our changing world part of our genes. As your preferred logistics service provider, we are a stable factor, even as we continually innovate and grow.


Den Hartogh offers you pro-active and creative solutions to logistics challenges, through constant innovation and continuous improvement. For instance, we use Business Intelligence and smart ICT tools to analyse the feedback from our Transport Management Systems. So you're assured of smarter solutions that are truly responsive to your wishes.


The right mix

Our activities demonstrate the dynamism of Den Hartogh and its employees, and reflect the integration of our mission and vision into the culture of our company.


At Den Hartogh, it's because we value openness and togetherness that we engage with our customers to get the chemical mix between us just right. We place value on finding out exactly what you need in order to provide the smartest approach to your logistics requirements. Our respect for each other means that we're open to constructive feedback. Because we're continually focused on raising quality standards, we listen carefully to everyone in the team - on your side as well as ours. After all, who else knows better what our customers need?

Our Values

  • Improvement
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Fun in Business
  • Initiative
  • Engagement
  • People Development
  • Caring