Where we're from

Founded in Europe in 1920, Den Hartogh is one of the pioneers of intermodal logistics, and a specialist logistics service provider for the bulk liquid chemicals and gas industry. Since its inception, Den Hartogh Logistics has lived by the values that continue to guide the company today. Our ambition has fuelled smart solutions, which are continuously adapted to suit the needs of the changing times. Today, we have an expanding network of local offices and specialized facilities throughout Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia and the Americas.


A rich heritage

Over the years, Den Hartogh has invested in the acquisition of companies beyond its national borders. When growth of the chemical industry began to accelerate in the late 1960s, this naturally led to an enormous increase in the international transport of chemical products. A new opportunity arose for those with the specific knowledge and competence to handle this highly specialised field.


Den Hartogh Logistics rose to the occasion. We purchased our first road tanker in 1970, and the company entered a new phase of expansion. Our ambitions continued to broaden: from being first a courier, then a scheduled transport service, we developed into a logistics service provider for the chemical industry, covering the entire logistics chain from production to consumption. Storage and repackaging chemicals, for example from bulk to drums, became important elements of our services portfolio.


The need for safe and competent handling of often volatile and dangerous goods brought with it growing expertise and experience. As time went on, we developed intermodal transport services, built a storage terminal, and expanded our network and technical knowledge through the acquisition of strong players in the market, and co-development of tri-modal and rail terminals and services.


Global expansion
Due to the changing flows of cargo, and the intercontinental expansion of more and more clients, we have expanded our business outside Europe. We divested our storage terminal in Moerdijk (The Netherlands), re-focusing on our core activities so as to deliver maximum value to our customers. We have experienced sustained business growth in intercontinental traffic since opening our hubs in Turkey, Dubai, Houston and Singapore and last but not least by acquiring the InterBulk Group in March 2016. This was an important step to expand our global footprint with increased local presence and worldwide expertise to more than 1500 employees in 36 offices close to our customers.