BASF UK Award Three Year Contract to Den Hartogh Logistics

5 nov, 2013

BASF Plc have awarded a three year contract to transport bulk liquids from their plant in Bradford to several European destinations.


The contract commenced on 1st October 2013 and is operating well.  Bill Hudson, Den Hartogh’s Driver Trainer, attended the first collection to ensure all the site requirements were adhered to and has instructed all the drivers involved in the contract of the specific requirements on site.


As a smart logistics provider, Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics will manage the contract from their Immingham depot.


This is a very positive start for the new General Manager Gareth Davies and his team with the expected turnover reaching approximately €1.5m


This contact follows a positive trend of  business secured by Den Hartogh Logistics with BASF in continental Europe.