BBS loading and unloading training for Dow BPSC.

3 dec, 2013

As a result of the coöperation between Den Hartogh and Dow Chemicals, employees of the BPSC logistic service centre were invited for the BBS training at Den Hartogh Training Institute. Session was held at Den Hartogh in Zele (B). Robert de Graeve (onsite account manager at Dow site) organised the logistics for 3 Logistic Service Coördinators to Den Hartogh office in Belgium.


We know that safety has a high attention at both Dow Benelux and Den Hartogh. With the training Behaviour Based Safety Loading and unloading (BBS) we like to show safety has the highest priority at the Den Hartogh organisation. An important part of the training is focused on getting to know a road tanker and learn from experiences of the truck-driver who is on the road shipping Hazardous Cargo daily.


Ton van Peperstraten, Driver Trainer accompanied by Wouter Coorevits who will lead the BBS trainings at Zele in the future, provided the first session in Zele. Topics covered included Modalities, Product information, ADR, Technical and Rules & Regulations. Insights were provided on the evaluation of a Material Safety Data Sheet, the UN classes of dangerous goods, routes and obstacles, the choice and suitability of the tank equipment, the way of transport i.e. bottom- or top discharge, filling degree, use of pump or compressor, hoses, heating & cleaning.


Between the theoretic and practical part of the training, Werner de Vries, Veronique de Moor and Richard Arenswere shown around by Wouter Coorevits. Also the different repair sections and truck wash were shown. Colleagues of BPSC went back to Terneuzen satisfied including a better understanding of operational handlings during loading and unloading process at Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics.