Botlek depot gets greener - Part 2 facts

30 sep, 2013

Following the technical information released in January 2013, independent research shows that the purified wastewater is now actually much cleaner than before, and amply meets legal requirements - using less energy!


Adjustments to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at Den Hartogh’s Botlek cleaning location brought the depot up to the best technological level that is currently economically feasible. Meanwhile, analyses of the independent test institute Afvalwaterservices B.V. (Wastewater Services) have shown that the average pollution of water discharged at Botlek during the past few months has decreased by an amazing 71.2% compared to 2012!


Fresh winds of change

More difficult to put numbers to, perhaps, but just as important are the results of the improvements to the biological purification process. These show that the odour threshold (perceived odour outside site boundaries) has also been significantly lowered. Complaints from the authorities about odour, previously frequent, have dropped to zero so far this year.


It’s an ill wind, as the saying goes, that blows nobody any good – but in the case of Botlek, everybody benefits! Not only have we become a greener company, which is obviously good for our image, we have also reduced operating overheads through lower energy costs.


Pure common sense

As this project demonstrates, cost leadership, investing in sustainability and long term planning pays off. All convincing reasons, we believe, for Den Hartogh’s customers to choose a greener depot for the cleaning, repair and storage of their equipment in future.