Celebrate the 25th anniversary INVISTA™– DOW – Den Hartogh

23 apr, 2014

On Tuesday March 26 2014, Herman was called in to unload in INVISTA  Londonderry.


As always, Herman had left Delfzijl Sunday before and sailed from IJmuiden to Newcastle in the evening. Next morning he arrived in Newcastle and drove to Cairnryan for the ferry to Belfast. He arrived in Londonderry on Monday evening and spent the night in his truck to be fit for next day's delivery.


What he did not know was that he was one day early. Together with INVISTA  and DOW we arranged that he would arrive one day early to celebrate the 25th anniversary of monomeric MDI deliveries from  Delfzijl to Londonderry. Being the first Den Hartogh driver that had delivered in Londonderry 25 years ago, the celebration would not be complete without him.


To Herman's great surprise he was called in to a meeting room where a delegation of the 3 companies awaited him with remembrance gifts and cake. It was clear to  everyone that a perfect delivery and safety performance and longterm relationship starts with the people on the shop floor. Although Herman was put in the spotlight on this day, everybody was aware that there are many more drivers, operators, planners and others that contribute to this successful operation.


At Den Hartogh we are proud and honored to deliver our services on this lane for 25 years and it is our wish to continue doing this for many years to come.