Compliment for delivery to UK-Fibres

6 dec, 2013

Recently Den Hartogh was awarded a substantial contract by Celanase to transport Emulsions in bulk liquid. A proven implementation project process ensured a safe and reliable implementation.

The implementation project kicked off with a visit to the production plant in Geleen for a presentation and tour around the loading location including an actual loading demonstration. All operational and communication procedures were explained and agreed.


Following one of the first deliveries into the UK market, our driver William Hallett received the following compliment from Gary Ogden, Sales Manager for Celanese Emulsion Polymers in the UK-RoI:


“We asked the driver to just apply a 1 bar pressure to see if this would be adequate to discharge without creating too much pressure/air. The driver was extremely polite and helpful (a very good example for Den Hartogh).


Result was that the truck discharged in good time and there was no spillage in the customer’s tank/bund area, which means we now have a precise and safe procedure in place at the customer.”