DSM puts Den Hartogh driver in the spotlight

10 feb, 2015

Safety is a serious issue and certainly not a question of "being lucky"! DSM adheres to the philosophy that all accidents can and must be prevented. Naturally, companies such as DSM and Den Hartogh Logistics have devoted thought to process safety, technology and procedures. But it is human actions that eventually make the difference. It has been demonstrated that 90% of all accidents are caused by human actions.


In this specific case, a small test quantity was to be unloaded at a foreign customer on the instructions of DSM. It became apparent that insufficient communication had taken place on exactly how the unloading should be carried out, and this is, unfortunately, the situation that confronted driver Alexandru Popescu. He judged that unloading could not be done safely in view of the fact that it conflicted with the Den Hartogh procedures. Intense consultation took place at the site and the local people were convinced that unloading could be done safely. Despite this "pressure" Alexandru was unsure of his own safety. Eventually, the truck returned to DSM, without being unloaded.


After consultation between the foreign customer, DSM and Den Hartogh Logistics conditions were worked out under which unloading could take place at a later date.


Naturally, we as DSM/ Den Hartogh were not happy that it was not possible to unload at that time, but safety is the most important factor and the correct decision was taken!


We realize that following procedures and our own safety insight is not always equally easy. Nevertheless it is precisely this behaviour that prevents accidents and that is admirable!


DSM took note of this correct human action and rewarded the positive behaviour of Alexandru.


J.P. Romein

Supply Chain Manager DSM Synres