Den Hartogh Business Monitoring Reports

20 sep, 2012


Logistics processes and flows are often at the heart of business operations at our world wide chemical industry customers. As your Logistic Service Provider, we are here to keep your promise to your customer. Through our focus on Operational Excellence, we support your business with strong performance at lowest total cost of service.


But the world is continuously changing and the logistic processes and challenges are changing with it.


The value of our business relationship is dependent on the capability to deliver as agreed but certainly also on the capability to continuously adjust to changing market circumstances together. When working together, with focus on continuous improvement, the business relationship has significantly higher potential for both. It's what we refer to as "Chemistry".


In order to manage the process of continuous improvement, we increasingly need smart measurement tools.


With market input, our team of business analysts have identified and standardized the core performance indicators in our business relationship. From this inventory, we have engineered the Den Hartogh Business Monitoring Report. With this tool we can perform smart monitoring and analysis. It forms the base of driving the continuous improvement in our business relationship together. We have now introduced the Den Hartogh Business Monitoring Report at all our sites across the world.



The Den Hartogh Business Monitoring Report provides the right tool for measuring business performance and continuous improvement in the following key areas:


  • Operations
  • Financial

  • HSSE and Quality

  • Sustainability


The report comes in 3 versions: Extended / Standard / Light.



Performance data is extracted directly from our Data warehouse, connected to our Transfusion® multi-disciplinary Transport Management System.



  • Helping you understand the service performance details of Den Hartogh as your supplier, driving for Operational Excellence
  • Understanding your own performance details on the logistics process
  • Identifying and implementing productivity, cost and performance improvements together with Den Hartogh as your consulting supplier
  • Improving the flow of information between you and your supply chain partners



Find out how the Den Hartogh Business Monitoring Report will add value to your logistics processes by contacting us through your regular contact channel at Den Hartogh. You can also inform us of your interest by sending an e-mail to


We hope to hear from you soon, as we gladly increase the Chemistry together!