Den Hartogh Cleaning opens second Food Line in Dordrecht

7 mrt, 2015

Doubling of capacity meets customers' demands


Den Hartogh Cleaning opened a second food line in Dordrecht. This is a response to global developments, such as the establishment of an increasing number of major chemical factories outside Europe. This has certainly led to a shift in "Rotterdam work", where the focus had largely been on chemicals until now, to food becoming the dominant factor.


Reducing waiting times

A consequence of this development was that Den Hartogh Cleaning Dordrecht had an increasing amount of excess capacity in the field of chemical cleaning. This was in sharp contrast to the shortage of possibilities for food cleaning. Approximately 5 drivers regularly report for this simultaneously, causing waiting times of 4 hours or more. Killing in the transport sector!


The management team of Den Hartogh Cleaning raised the issue of a second food line in Dordrecht with the board of Den Hartogh. On 29 July 2014, a 'go' was given for the building of this ambitious project.


Cleaning and monitoring

After preparatory work, such as demolishing the existing installation and thoroughly cleaning the soil, the building work started in October 2014. An installation that meets all modern requirements, and those of customer, was built in 2.5 months under the supervision of the Den Hartogh Cleaning technical service.

Cleaning according to HACCP or SGF procedures is 100% possible, as is working in accordance with the customer's detailed instructions.

A complete monitoring system, in which all data is stored, provides complete insight into the process, such as the quantities of soap and water used, and also the procedure followed.


Placement in the market

Building a second food line was one step, and awareness amongst (potential) customers was an important second step. How do you tell your target group that there is more cleaning capacity and they can therefore be helped faster?

The 'market' was approached with a tool that is as simple as it is effective. Businesses were visited in the Netherlands, Belgium and France and were presented a cake in the shape of a clock (time saved!) with the text: "2nd Food Line is opened in Dordrecht". This could not have been clearer, and there were enthusiastic reactions everywhere – both in conversations and in the form of orders.



The customer's opinion counts

The doubling of the capacity that has now taken place in Dordrecht offers customers such as, for example, Albert Keijzer Transport the possibility to come and clean more frequently per day, with shorter waiting times.

That also immediately involves extra responsibility, in order to keep the quality and the cleaning times optimum. This is why customers are constantly asked about their opinion, experiences and judgement. The feedback is then utilized in practice.


Good move

It could already be concluded that the building of a second food line was a good move a few weeks after the opening. It is now busy again in Dordrecht! A success that the management is already cautiously considering further expanding in the future.