Den Hartogh Gas Logistics activities in Spain

12 jul, 2012

Den Hartogh Logistics in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona area) started to be involved in Gas activities as from June 2007. In that time Den Hartogh Logistics had already taken the strategic decision to become an important player in the air and chemical gas business.


The Spanish Gas team consists of Erica Andreo (Account Manager) Cris Palau (Operational Planning Coordinator) and Arturo Caton who handles commercial affairs.


The gas market was a market which had to be discovered at that time. In addition we had to learn about the equipment and the operational and commercial matters as these items are totally different from the liquid market. Today, exactly 5 years later, we are recognized as an expert in the Iberian gas markets. We can look back on successful years where we learned a lot from the market and we are proud that we established a strong customer base for which we deliver logistical services in a safe way. Nethertheless there are still opportunities to continuously improve.


Our activities in the Iberic peninsula are for a great part intermodal. We use 30" tank containers and are focused on hydrocarbon gas mixtures like propellants liquefied gases. The volume is imported from different European countries and Asia by vessel, rail and sometimes by road. Next to that we handle national distribution of gases in Spain by road.


The consumption of those hydrocarbon gases is large. The mixtures are mainly delivered directly to the aerosol spray can filling industry. This industry is closely related to the hygienic, insecticides, cosmetics, lighters and general industry.


The supply chain is very complicated as these industries work 24 hours per day and 7 days per week with different grades of gases. As gas storage is limited on much industrial sites the storage tanks are small. This demand just in

time deliveries. It needs a very alert planning and discipline in order to find solutions for strikes, product availability at suppliers, regular production changes at the receivers etc. We always try to find the best solutions for our customer, but whatever solution we choose we put safety first.


Because of all these factors an extensive secured logistic network of container units is a prerequisite. On the operational field everything must be well synchronized, every job must be followed carefully and communication between the logistics service provider and the customer is the keyword. It demands flexibility and alertness at all times from our people who do this fascinating job.


Our Spanish team cooperates closely with our colleagues in the organization exchanging ideas on (im)possibilities, routings, timing and alternative solutions.


We all are very proud on our contribution and delighted to be part of our Business Unit Gas Logistics.


We stay at your disposal.


Arturo Caton                                         Cris Palau                                                    Erica Andreo