Den Hartogh Global shows good improvement on their IMPCAS audit result

22 apr, 2015

Den Hartogh's Global department in Rotterdam recently received their IMPCAS (International Marine Packed Cargo Audit Scheme) assessment and achieved an impressive score of 92%. This score shows an improvement of 5% in comparison to the achieved result in 2012 and confirms that Den Hartogh is putting serious effort in continuously improving their Safety and Quality performance.


During this assessment an accredited external auditor assesses the work methods of the organization in relation to managing SHEQ aspects of their business. The audit addresses areas such as management policy, SHEQ procedures, tank container management, operational work methods, contractor management, security management etc. The auditor uses a standardized questionnaire to ensure a uniform approach enabling comparison between businesses/companies and publishes the results on the IMPCAS website. Chemical companies looking for new partnership in their supply chain or review their current partners on SHEQ performance can use the information from this audit in their internal risk assessment.


The auditor identified areas in which we perform outstanding or need to improve. No major issues were identified during the audit, only some minor issues that will be addressed in our continuous improvement plans. The results can also initiate safety programs like the Power of Safe that Den Hartogh developed and launched in 2014 in cooperation with the consultancy organisation Samurai@Work. This program is a multi-annual safety culture program that was developed by looking at the structure of the human brain and focusses on further embedding safety in the hearts and minds of all employees.


The IMPCAS assessment was introduced in 1994 by chemical companies that wanted to improve the quality and safety management performance of bulk liquid shipping lines on chemical tankers. Today this scheme has expanded its scope to involve a wide variety of logistical service providers in their supply chain such as shipping companies, container terminals and tank container operators like Den Hartogh Logistics.