Den Hartogh Logistics donates War Child

5 dec, 2014

This year, Den Hartogh Logistics has again decided not to send Christmas cards to its business contacts and to donate the corresponding amount to a local charity chosen by Young Den Hartogh.

Den Hartogh Logistics lets children from war-affected areas believe in their future again


Children have the right to grow up in peace. Free from fear and violence. But above all: free from war. War Child creates safe places in conflict-affected areas where children can play, continue their education and where they learn to deal with their experiences. Hence we are very proud to share that on behalf of Young Den Hartogh III, Den Hartogh Logistics supports War Child as a Business Friend with a €5.000,- contribution with a partnership of one year.


Why WAR child?


We as Young Den Hartogh III feel very privileged that we live in a safe and economically strong environment where going to school and being employed is taken for granted. Unfortunately there are a lot of children in the world who do not live in a safe environment, do not go to school due to a destroyed infrastructure caused by wars.


As Young Den Hartogh III, this year is very special as we have the opportunity to develop our skills and show to many people what we are capable of.


What would be greater than helping warchild children to do the same.  


We would like to help warchilds Children so that they can go to school, having an education to be a plumber or a hairdresser, being trained in 'Life Skills' all in order to be independent and capable to rebuild the country where these children live.


For this reason, we as Den Hartogh Logistics will support the Building Skills, Changing Futures program