Den Hartogh Logistics donates tank container to STC

19 okt, 2015

'Motivating young people'

Den Hartogh Logistics has provided a tank container with teaching materials and a Gardner Denver pump unit worth 50,000 euros to the Shipping and Transport College.


The tank container was presented at a festive event on 8 October at the Shipping and Transport College (STC) site on Anthony Fokkerweg in Rotterdam. With this donation, Den Hartogh Logistics wants to contribute to the vocational training courses at STC. STC offers secondary vocational training to everyone who wants to work in shipping, the process industry or road transport. STC is currently offering secondary vocational driver training to 180 young people, for example, a training course that combines theory and practice. Every year about 200 graduates leave STC with secondary vocational qualifications. These include drivers (level 2 training course), planners (level 3) and transport and logistics managers (level 4). Graduates in the latter category often find work as managers. STC aims to motivate young people to consider the industry from as early as the third and fourth year of preparatory secondary vocational education. Young people get to go on a short work placement with a transport company, learn how to drive on the simulator and attend guest lectures from the industry.


Practical experience as an important pillar
Den Hartogh Logistics has been an approved apprenticeship company for STC pupils for several years now. Each year, 10 to 12 young people receive hands-on training at the logistics service provider to gain practical experience as drivers, logistic staff, technical staff and HR interns. Martin Meulenkamp (46), Group HR Director of Den Hartogh Logistics, is the driving force behind the donation. "Den Hartogh Logistics invests a lot in young people who are getting ready to enter the labour market. This tank container is an active contribution to encourage young people to find a job in the transport and logistics industry." Peter Koster, Head of the Road Transport and Logistics sector of STC is enthusiastic about the donation. "Gaining practical experience is an important pillar of the STC training courses. Den Hartogh Logistics' donation allows us to prepare our pupils even better for their future work in the field."


Lack of drivers
Meulenkamp explains that Den Hartogh wants to encourage young people to enter the field of liquid transportation. "This specialised transport involves many different aspects, such as the operation of a pump unit and the connection of hoses to the tank container. If we teach people about liquid transportation, they are likely to choose Den Hartogh as their future employer. We are already working hard to find drivers now and the lack of drivers will only increase in the future." Arthur van Dijk, Chairman of the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics, argues that an important condition for success in the labour market is that the courses meet the requirements of the business. That connection is made every day in apprenticeships and work experiences. The transport and logistics sector also offer good job prospects. Den Hartogh's initiative brings pupils very close to the everyday work in the field, which we applaud. "


Technical specifications
The tank container Den Hartogh Logistics is donating to STC has two compartments of 12 450 litres each. The tank container can be heated with steam/hot water and meets all ADR LB4N and UN T11 requirements. The chassis is equipped with four hoses for pumping. The included training unit has a hydraulic unit and a lobe pump. The pump unit is worth €15,000 and was donated by Gardner Denver, a company that fully supports this initiative and also attaches a great deal of importance to training young people by offering practical experience.