Den Hartogh Logistics launches multi-year Safety Culture program

24 apr, 2014

In its continuous aim to improve its Safety performance, Den Hartogh Logistics, together with the safety specialist organisation Samurai@Work, developed and launched a global multi-year Safety Culture program within the Den Hartogh organization.


The program, which is called The Power of Safe, is unique and innovative. It is based on the use of the physiological structure of the human brain as basis for safety culture development.


The Power of Safe program was first launched at a multiple days session where all Senior Managers of the Den Hartogh branche offices from 18 countries around the Globe where gathered.


Pieter den Hartogh, Group Managing Director at Den Hartogh Logistics: "it is the responsibility of everyone at Den Hartogh Logistics that we all return home safe after a day of work. Excellent Safety performance can not be reached only through systems, rules and procedures or safety equipment. Working safe is much dependent on our behaviour and for that reason we need to be aware of our behaviour and understand our actions".


Den Hartogh Logistics has appointed  the safety specialists of Samuai@work to manage and guide the program. Samurai@work was choosen for its pragmetic and innovative approach and its strong resume of booked results