Den Hartogh Logistics nominated for Best Employer Award 2013

17 jul, 2013

Den Hartogh Logistics has been nominated as Best Employer in the category of companies with 1,000 or more employees. The final place of Den Hartogh on the 2013 list is not yet known. What is known, however, is that the company ranks among the top 50 of best employers in the Netherlands. The final results and ranking will be published by Effectory on October 8.


The Best Employer survey provides insight into the important HR themes such as enthusiasm, commitment and job satisfaction of employees. Den Hartogh has scored high on these themes. This means that Den Hartogh employees have stated to support the policy of the organisation, to feel part of the organisation, and to appreciate the corporate culture.


Den Hartogh invests a great deal in its employees. Through training and instruction Den Hartogh attempts to make its employees “the best of their class”. Within their job, employees have ample opportunity for personal development, for developing ideas, and for implementing these ideas. Employees are encouraged to come up with creative international solutions within the complex logistic organisation. This freedom and scope for personal growth are highly appreciated by the company’s employees.


The company features an open and transparent culture, where people can speak freely and exchange views in an open dialogue.