Den Hartogh Logistics renews standard safety procedures for unloading hoses

19 mei, 2014

At Den Hartogh Logistics, more than 3.000 hoses are in use for the unloading of the many different chemicals liquids which are moved to destinations around the Globe. Through decades of transport history, these hoses where stored in hose tubes on the tank container chassis and road tankers.


In the European logistics environment of today, where intermodal tank container transport has grown significantly and just as flexible, the road tankers are moved by different drivers over different legs of transport, the "hose management" brought a decrease of ownership over the hoses resulting in new safety challenges.


In the worst case scenario, the Den Hartogh truck drivers could get in positions where the status of the hose, either being cleaned or with residue of a specific liquid chemical, was unclear.


To face these unwanted risks in hose management, Den Hartogh made a Safety investment by mounting an innovative construction for 2 chemical hoses on each of its 500 tractor units. This puts the truck driver in control of the hose management and eliminates the risk of uncertainty on the content of any hose carried during transport. Each hose has a unique code and is digitally logged in the Den Hartogh central Transport Management Systems. The traceability of specific hoses, but also the periodic hose testing and certification has improved significantly.