Den Hartogh Logistics shows strong increase in its SQAS results

9 feb, 2015

Where the average SQAS score on Transport Services in the market is at 77%[1], Den Hartogh Logistics is showing an average score of 96%.


SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers in a uniform matter. This is done by a single standardised assessment, carried out by independent assessors, using a standard and very detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire is developed by Cefic, which is the The Chemical Industry Council, representing 29,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe.


The SQAS assessment system helps Den Hartogh Logistics in identifying and improving their potential weak areas. It is a means for continuous improvement and therefore an important element of Responsible Care applied to the logistics operations.


The 9 country sites of Den Hartogh Logistics throughout Europe where all re-assessed in the year 2014 by the independent assessors, appointed by Cefic. The last assessments dated back from the year 2011 as the SQAS reports are valid for a period of 3 years maximum.


The average score in 2011 was already at the high level of 86%. Still the Den Hartogh team, with their strong focus on Operational Excellence and Safety performance, was eager for improving the processes and systems even further. The assessments in 2014 showed a strong improvement for each of the assessed sites and the Cefic assessors where impressed by the way  processes where embedded throughout the complete organization.



The excellent SQAS scores are proving the strong Den Hartogh safety culture. In 2014 it was already published that Den Hartogh Logistics, together with the safety specialist organisation Samurai@Work, developed and launched a unique and innovative global multi-year safety program, called The Power of Safe. The program is using the physiological structure of the human brain as basis for safety culture development. Den Hartogh continues to further develop and secure the sustainable safety culture all over the Den Hartogh group.


[1] Cefic Annual SQAS Report 2013