Den Hartogh Training Institute Zabrze

28 mei, 2013

To intensify and flexibilize the training possibilities within the group the Den Hartogh Training Institute has expanded to Poland. With effect of May 1st the brand new training center was opened and is located on our base in Zabrze (South Poland).

The expansion of the Training Institute is part of our strategy to make a difference based on operational excellence of which quality and safety are an essential part.

The decision to combine management of the Polish and Hungarian companies accelerated the decision to open a Training Institute in our Central and East European region.

Employees of this region (both drivers and staff) will be trained in:


  • BBS Driving  
  • BBS Loading and Unloading
  • TASS (Technical Awarness & Self Support )
  • Language skills ( Advanced Language Training in English and German) 
  • Simulator Scania 40 Tons (in cooperation with the Polish transport association in Lódź).


Brand new training material (e.g. tankcontainer, chassis, truck) is available to support the practical part of the training.

In Poland and Hungary we are proud to be able now to contribute even more to the groups strategy. In the initial phase the experience of our western European trainers will be used and they will  assisted us in the first months.

This year all of our drivers and staff (approx. 300 people) will at least be trained in BBS loading and unloading. We expect our customers to experience our even beter level of preparedness soon.