Den Hartogh Turkey invests in safety

8 mei, 2013

As world-class specialists in bulk chemicals and gas logistics, Den Hartogh stands for its high quality and safety standards, not only for transports done by Den Hartogh drivers / vehicles but also transports done by our subcontractors.


As a Smart logistics service provider, we innovate, grow, and continue to be a stable factor in the world of chemical logistics. To improve the quality and safety standards of transports done by Den Hartogh subcontractors, not only should the sharing of experiences and learning from each other be strongly encouraged but even more so constant driver trainings should be initiated for sustainability of operational excellence in safest way.


In 2013, 8 of Den Hartogh subcontractor drivers successfully completed their BBS (Behavior Based Safety) training. Despite the fact BBS is still not well known in Turkish market, Den Hartogh is one of the very few organizations which can deliver the service with BBS trained drivers in Turkey.


3RD group of subcontractor drivers trained by Marc Audenaert, Technical Supervisor of Den Hartogh Gas Logistics and have completed their Advanced Gas Driver Training program.


The training program which was held in Gebze, brought a welcome surprise to 3D – the exclusive subcontractor of Den Hartogh in Marmara Region, Turkey.


To recognize the achievement of outstanding Safety performance of 3D for previous years, the company has been awarded with the Contractor Safety Award. Award presented by Kerem Gürler the General Manager Den Hartogh Turkey on behalf of Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics BV.


Kerem Gürler said it’s no coincidence why Den Hartogh is the fastest growing Smart Logistics Service Provider in Turkish market. We take our promises to our customers seriously and deliver as agreed. Investing in people & subcontractors is one of most decisive success factors in today’s competition & Den Hartogh is the company which always sets the standards in competition. Den Hartogh has a strong management focus on Safety and Turkey is no exception. We will keep extending our service capacity and quality by prioritizing Safety.