Den Hartogh as Smart Logistics Provider for van Oord project

1 okt, 2012

On September 7th Den Hartogh Logistics with high focus on smart logistics solutions was contacted by van Oord in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, who is a leading international contractor and specialised in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas and wind) with the question if we as smart logistics provider were able to deliver 20x empty 20ft. tankcontainers for their important new project.


The empty tankcontainers would be filled with water and lifted onto their new developed platform called Wavewalker.

The purpose of contacting Den Hartogh Logistics as smart logistics provider was the request to deliver Den Hartogh Logistics tanks for performing a traject of testcases on their new developed Wavewalker platform. 

Tankcontainers of Den Hartogh Logistics were used during the test period as a (balance) weight because they needed in total appr. 500 tons of weight to perform their highly sophisticated testcases with their new Wavewalker platform.


This new developed Wavewalker platform is an innovative jack-up that can be operated in conventional four-legged mode, or as an eight legged self-contained walking jack-up platform. This innovative large walking jack-up barge is capable of operating safely and bi-directionally while elevated and is being developed to move and operate in rough seas, surf zones, beaches and other intertidal locations. The WaveWalker will allow Van Oord to undertake geotechnical site investigations, drilling and other underwater activity from a stable platform with the added benefit of relocation without floating.


On September 27th Den Hartogh Logistics was requested to collect their empty containers again as the testing period for the new developed Wavewalker platform with our tankcontainers was carried out succesfully.


We as smart logistics provider were happy that we were able to give a succesfull contribution to this new developed Wavewalker platform project of van Oord and we are very glad that van Oord is very satisfied with our smart logistics solution for the succesfull continuation of their project.