Den Hartogh chooses Android on-board computers

17 mrt, 2015

Den Hartogh Logistics has signed a contract for the roll-out of the Astrata DriverLinc+ on-board computers in all trucks. The tablets are fitted with the Android operating system. This offers the possibility to integrate customer-specific, industry-specific and driver monitoring solutions into business operations.

The roll-out of the Astrata on-board computers has now started. "The DriverLinc+ corresponds with what we need to work efficiently and to offer our customers in the chemicals sector the best possible services", says Joep Aerts, operations director Liquid Logistics at Den Hartogh Logistics.


Technological possibilities for business operations and customer service

There were two important reasons to search for a different on-board computer. We want to respond effectively to various technology-based requests from one of our most important customers in the chemicals sector. Secondly, the possibilities to scan with the aid of the on-board computer, the workflow, the Driver Coach solution, the camera options and the advantages of the integrated TomTom truck navigation supported the decision-making process.


Swiping between Android Apps

The DriverLinc+ met all of the requirements and was also the only modern on-board computer to offer a hybrid solution and the options available on tablets, such as swiping between Android Apps, our own Apps and those of customers.


Fleet management interface

The DriverLinc+ is based on the Android operating system. Astrata has laid a fleet management interface designed for the driver over this platform. Den Hartogh Logistics now has the possibility to add applications developed in-house to this and to implement applications of both customers and parties offering operational efficiency solutions.