Den Hartogh honours Shell Safety Day 2013

28 aug, 2013

All over the globe, Shell employees paid extra special attention to safety issues on the Shell’s Safety Day 2013. The way this happens is different at each Shell location. At the downtown office of Shell in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) Den Hartogh Logistics was invited to provide a demonstration of safe chemicals transport.


With a truck, chassis and tank container combination placed on site for the occasion, Menno van Leeuwen, Den Hartogh’s Technical Supervisor, generated lively interest among the large numbers of Shell Chemicals employees. Van Leeuwen offered on-the-spot demonstrations and knowledgeable explanations of chemicals transport to this interested crowd. Den Hartogh transports around 4,500 bulk chemical transports annually for Shell Chemicals, a Shell Downstream business unit.


For the Shell Chemicals employees, it was an ideal opportunity to get closer to – and deepen their understanding of – the transportation of materials they deal with indirectly every day. The demonstrations were also open to employees from other business units for two hours during the Safety Day. Van Leeuwen fielded many interesting questions from his audiences, providing detailed explanations of the ins and outs of chemicals logistics.


By far the most frequently discussed subject on the day was the safety issue for drivers when they have to extract product samples from a tank. Shell and Den Hartogh maintain an agreed policy for safe sample taking, whereby customers of Shell Chemicals are permitted to request a sample of the product. However, the driver is only required to take the role of an assistant in this process, for example to open the manhole cover on the tank.


Visitors were also able to view the demonstration container from above, by means of a safe ladder with a handrail on both sides. This provided them with an impression of the duties of the drivers, who have to climb the ladder on the tank container with the sample bottle, open the manhole, fill the sample bottle with the chemical, and then climb back down the ladder with the sample in one hand or in a pocket. Having observed the demonstration, it is now easier for Shell employees to provide customers with clear information about this “Non Standard Operation”. As a result, the demonstrations have deepened the cooperation between Shell and Den Hartogh, while contributing to greater safety for those involved in the process.


Other frequently discussed subjects were the loading and unloading processes, the baffles, links, approval tests and the suitability of materials for various products. There was also considerable interest in the modern means of communication provided by the on-board computer in the truck used by Den Hartogh for the demonstrations.


All in all, an important contribution to Shell’s Safety Day for Den Hartogh Logistics!