Den Hartogh invests in fuel savings and reduction of CO2 emission

22 mei, 2013

Fuel costs are a growing component within the operational cost for a fleet. The latest information shows that the biggest component represents fuel and lubricants. For the future we should estimate a further increase, therefore a possible saving on this cost component is very promising.


At Den Hartogh Logistics there is more and more interest for measures that not only decrease cost but also take care of the environment.

There are many ways to reduce the fuel consumption on commercial vehicles to reach a lower CO2 emission. Innovative developments in fuel systems, adjustments in motor management, additives for fuel, driver trainings for the “new driving”, tire pressure monitoring etc. etc.

From scientific research we learn that one third of the effective used energy “disappears” in rolling resistance. The rolling resistance of a vehicle is strongly influenced by the position of the wheels related to the chassis and especially to each other.

Internal investigation shows that 60% of our trucks and 92% of the road barrels -trailers are worthy for optimization to reduce the rolling resistance.

These percentages are no surprise; the result is in line with a recent publication of a European investigation performed by Michelin and Volvo trucks. The result was that 66% needed some adjustment.

With this knowledge Den Hartogh Logistics decided to work together with Den Hartogh Technical Services to fight the rolling resistance by starting a procedure of an pre-emptive alignment check of the axels in there fleet.

Since March this year Den Hartogh has the technology available to make the rolling resistance visible in just a few minutes on a truck, chassis, road barrel or a complete combination.

The only effort it takes to reach this goal is to check on a structural base the alignment of the vehicles and make the adjustments. The quick check on a 3 axel commercial vehicle is reduced to a minimum time with the recent purchased wheel alignment system “JOSAM i-track”. The equipment makes a pre-emptive setup possible utilized combined with regular maintenance or yearly checkup for Den Hartogh Technical Services.



Den Hartogh Technical Services contributes  in this way to the environment, reduction of the operational costs and the sustainability of the fleet.