Den Hartogh office in St. Petersburg surprises with SQAS score of 96%

14 jul, 2015

A high SQAS score (Safety and Quality Assessment System) is generally no longer a surprise at Den Hartogh Logistics. The company scores an average of 95%. Nevertheless, the reaction was one of enormous happiness when it was announced that the office in St. Petersburg had scored 96% in the last assessment.


"Really a unique achievement", says David Brandon, SHEQ manager of Den Hartogh Logistics. "Almost no company in all of Russia can present a favourable SQAS. The circumstances there are very different to what we are generally used to in the other countries. The assessment is based on the standard questionnaire of the Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), and this high score clearly shows that Den Hartogh St. Petersburg has its processes well under control."


Third place internally!

With a score of 96%, St. Petersburg is in third place at Den Hartogh Logistics. "At Den Hartogh we work in accordance with the same processes and regulations in all countries", says David Brandon. "So you could say that it is an equally good achievement for everyone when you achieve a good result. But that is, nevertheless, not exactly the case. The circumstances and regulations in Russia are so different that this high score is a real achievement."


Good coordination

According to David Brandon, the high score of 96% is due to the thorough preparation in particular: "The strength of Den Hartogh Logistics (and therefore also of St. Petersburg) is that we handle everything the same way everywhere. When people obey the internal regulations, provide appropriate training, fulfil agreements and coordinate everything effectively with the local situation and circumstances, the score – as we can see – increases significantly.



According to Brandon, the high score of St. Petersburg and all other local Den Hartogh Logistics offices is a 'challenge for the future': "Particularly because new assessment protocols will be valid in the upcoming period. If we do nothing, with the new protocols the average SQAS score of the Den Hartogh companies throughout Europe will probably drop. Naturally, it is our challenge to effectively guarantee the ongoing improvement. We are happy to accept this challenge with all of the teams in the different countries."


David Brandon is convinced that this will be successful: "For us, the high SQAS scores are a clear indication that we are working effectively towards an even stronger and more pro-active safety culture. The internal Power of Safe campaign, which is completely focused on the further reinforcement of this safety culture, also provides significant support in this regard."