Den Hartogh participates in project “children Zone”

24 jun, 2013


The Rotterdam Children Zone is a project which is developed for seven areas in Rotterdam-Zuid. In this project, everyone works on the same ambitious promise to help children who are growing up there: We prepare you for a successful future.


The Agnes school is one of the schools in the  'Children's Zone' a project which creates chances for children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods like Feijenoord (Rotterdam). The profession day or career day is an integrated part of this project. People with different professions and backgrounds visited the Agnesschool to talk about their jobs to small groups of children. This not only to inspire them and to show them possibilities and opportunities, but also to talk about their future. What do they want and what do they have to do to achieve that goal. The children talked with lawyers, accountants, architects etc. They even learned about professions they didn't even know existed! The hotspot was the possibility to step into one of our brand new trucks and listen to the story of Marius Huige and Dick Pronk about Den Hartogh Logistics and future job possibilities within the transport sector.


A real treat for the children of the Agnes school on a day they will never forget!