Den Hartogh takes serie of 40 new MDI/TDI containers into service

18 okt, 2012


In the first half of this year Singamas, in their new Shanghai factory, produced a series of MDI/TDI containers for Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics. 

Special in the design of these 24.000 liters ISO-containers was the construction of baffles to avoid searching of the product during transport.

With this development Den Hartogh continues to stay on top of Safe transport developments. The baffled ISO-containers are safe and flexible to carry any volume, also meeting the ullage-restriction of loading with 80% filling according to ADR/IMDG regulations. The brand new tankcontainers have been equipped with glycol-heating systems for temperature management of the product during transport. Optional, the positioning of these containers but also the temperature management is monitorred through Den Hartogh satellite controlled telematica systems placed on the containers.

Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics already operates one of the largest fleets of roadbarrels and tankcontainers in Europe for transport of MDI and TDI (isocyanates) throughout its widely extended transport network.