Dutch IL&T reconfirms its trust in Den Hartogh Logistics

17 jul, 2013

Den Hartogh Logistics has been awarded an extension of their covenant with IL&T (‘Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate), a department of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.


Already in 2011, Den Hartogh Logistics was one of the first companies engaged in the transport of chemical fluids and gasses to voluntarily apply for the covenant and be awarded it by the IVW, as the authority was then known. Now, as then, Den Hartogh Logistics has passed the extensive audit  - begun in January this year  - with flying colours. In the course of the audit, Den Hartogh Logistics demonstrated above-average competence in the delivery of their systems, processes and methods for guaranteed conformance with the law and industry’s rules and regulations. The company has no negative profiles with any other (inspection) services, which is a further condition of eligibility for the covenant.


High priority given to openness and transparency


The extensive and intensive audit underlying a maintenance covenant is based on trust and transparency. According to Pieter den Hartogh, “Transparency and openness are two of the qualities at the core of Den Hartogh’s basic principles.  We firmly believe that transparency, vis-à-vis customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders, leads to a sustainable relationship of trust, which ultimately contributes to the company’s performance. It’s good to see that this philosophy is shared by IL&T, as confirmed by the award and extension of the maintenance covenant. For our customers, this is an additional indication that our services are provided in a way that is above average in terms of safety and professionalism.”