Gold+ Contractor status for Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics

7 apr, 2013

Huntsman Holland has awarded Gold+ Contractor status to Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics. The company was one of only six to receive a gold award at Huntsman’s 2012 annual Contractor Awards event (March 5th), with a major factor being Den Hartogh’s excellent safety record.

Huntsman is a leading global supplier of synthetic and formulated polymer systems, intermediate chemistries and technologies, pigments and polyurethanes. It contracts Den Hartogh to guarantee reliable deliveries to its European customers.


Award goes to Osilo team

Manager of the Den Hartogh Osilo team William Warmerdam said “Since our early days Den Hartogh has specialized in transporting and storing liquid chemicals, and we are now one of the world's leading Smart Logistics Service Providers in this field. Huntsman Holland is an important customer for us, and relies on us for safe and reliable transport of bulk liquids. With many of its customers now operating some form of Just-In-Time production, that places a great responsibility on us.

Den Hartogh uses large, single or multi-compartment bulk-liquid containers and roadbarrels that provide maximum carrying capacity for every shipment, ensuring cost-efficient transportation.