Heineken fire engine donated to Den Hartogh Ford Museum

19 dec, 2013

The Heineken fire engine was used by the in-house fire department at company Vrumona. After Vrumona was taken over by Heineken, Heineken added the fire engine to its promotion department, where it was used for many years in several campaigns and promotions for Amstel beer. In recent years the vehicle was hardly ever used.


Heineken was looking for a good home for the vehicle, which they have now found. The fire engine was donated to the Den Hartogh Ford museum and was received by Mrs. Den Hartogh-Holleman. The vehicle was given a prominent place in the museum’s Heineken hall, where it is exhibited in a series of other Ford fire engines. It can be seen by the general public at our museum from today. Again we would like to express our thanks to Heineken for this beautiful gift.