How a vision becomes reality.

27 mei, 2013

“Empowering people” is one of the goals of Den Hartogh Logistics. In other words, producing and developing the knowledge and skills of our employees.

The Den Hartogh Training Institute not only plays an important role in this in terms of educating and training drivers, but also in securing and sharing knowledge and experience acquired in the field of training so that this knowledge is retained in the organisation and disseminated by more people.


With regard to the first subject, education and training, I have already written several articles for this magazine, which is why I will talk about the other aspects this time.


At the present time, more than 200 people have already followed the BBS loading and unloading training course in Rozenburg. This training is given in English, German or Dutch, and this offers an extra opportunity to improve our driver’s language skills. The experience gained during both the theory and practical section has resulted in the refinement of the goal of this training – all drivers and some of our charters will have followed this training before the end of this year.


Despite the difficult economic times the decision has been taken to continue investing in training and education. Two extra training containers including pump/compressor units have therefore been prepared for use in these training courses. This means that there are a total of three training units. Besides the unit in Rozenburg, the second will be set up at the training institute of our branch in Zabrze (PL), and the third unit will be prepared for flexible deployment. It will be deployed first at our branch in Immingham (GB) and then used at the next location after approximately 2 months.


There must also be people who possess the knowledge and skills required to give this training. At the end of last year we started the mentor driver training, in which we train various drivers from different countries in the development of their skills in order to be able to supervise and coach new drivers and colleagues. As I write this article 176 drivers from 7 countries are being trained as mentor drivers, and some of them will be given extra training and supervision in order to be able to teach the BBS loading and unloading training course.

The first trainer educated in this way is our colleague Bill Hudson from the UK.


We have also made several improvements to the BBS driving training that will be used by both the BBS driving trainers and the mentor drivers.

All three BBS training trailers for driving in the Netherlands are fitted with a Rollover Warning Device (RWD) and RWDs have also been ordered for the new training material. The RWD measures the lateral, forwards and backwards forces that occur during driving. Which forces occur is registered on the basis of parameters that are set for each trailer. The measurement results are translated in two diagrams that can be used in the evaluation interview with the driver.


We also recently started recording video images during driving. This not only registers the traffic situation as the driver sees it from behind the wheel, but also records images inside the cabin so that the driver’s skills, e.g. observational behaviour, are registered.


All of these possibilities give the trainer / mentor driver the option to show the driver where alterations of driving behaviour are necessary. The fact that the GPS signal is also registered means that it is possible to show the driver the location of the situations being discussed.


Step by step, the vision of driver education and training that is disseminated by our people is becoming a reality.