Intelligent, simple, fast and powerful.

30 dec, 2012

The title sounds like an advertising slogan for latest tablet, but what it actually refers to is the launching of a new state-of-the-art communication tool for all customers of Den Hartogh Cleaning.


We are proud to present the new Cleaning web portal. This Cleaning portal is, in addition to our recently modernised Den Hartogh Logistics website, once again an intelligent an innovative IT tool. With the Cleaning web portal we use powerful and efficient modules to enhance the logistics service delivered to our customers.


Similarly to a tablet, this web portal is intelligent and efficient in terms of functions, starts quickly, is easy to use and is a tool that provides a powerful contribution to the daily operational process of our customers.


Customers use a secure connection to gain Internet access to the Cleaning web portal 24/7. Customers can use PCs, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices to view a real-time status overview of their own equipment at all Den Hartogh Cleaning locations via the track & trace module. With the export to Excel functionality it is easy to export an overview with a push of a button.


Besides the track & trace module the customers of Den Hartogh Cleaning also have the opportunity to create orders in the Order Request Module that are read automatically into the Den Hartogh Cleaning system (CDW). There is also a possibility to request a price for the cleaning of a product, including uploading the MSDS document, through the Request Quote Module.


An extra functionality is the possibility to display an overview of the Den Hartogh cleaning locations and the services present there, a FAQ Module for specific questions and a Customer Details Module for the updating or alteration of customer data.



Before the summer holidays we gave a demonstration of the Cleaning web portal at one of our customers, Nichicon in Ridderkerk. After this demonstration we asked Nichicon if they wanted to cooperate with us on the start-up of a pilot project. This pilot was adopted by Nichicon with a great deal of enthusiasm. We continued it until 1 November and brought it jointly to a successful conclusion. This was followed by an evaluation and a discussion of the findings and new ideas.


A number of customers are currently already using the Cleaning web portal and we are studying which new modules may be interesting to implement for our customers. If you would also like to use the Cleaning web portal, create an account at