Logistics training day for our customer's employees

12 jul, 2017

On 8 June, staff from one of Den Hartogh Logistics' main customers, attended a Logistics Training Day in Rozenburg, where one of Den Hartogh's workshops is located. The customer had asked Den Hartogh Logistics to organise the training session, because it considers it important for all of the parties involved in the supply chain to learn about the equipment in which Den Hartogh Logistics transports its products. Getting to know the people who they work with at Den Hartogh Logistics was an additional benefit for the participants.


"A great learning experience, it helped us to understand the supply chain better.
Thanks for organising this day!"


"It was very useful to be shown around the workshop and to see the tanks and touch the tools."


The group attended a presentation showing Den Hartogh Logistics's general business operation and the route orders take from when they are received to when they are completed. Han van Berghem – Field Supervisor – then took the participants around the workshop and showed them the wide range of equipment that Den Hartogh uses, including the different types of tank containers, trailers, hoses, couplings, trucks, on-board computers, valves and a truck with a trailer/container.


Everyone who attended the Training Day said that it was very helpful, their feedback will help us to improve the Logistics Days we will hold for our customers in the future.


"The variety of topics covered by the speakers, the contract manager, the planner and the field supervisor, really helped us to gain an understanding of how Den Hartogh works"