New Den Hartogh office in Duisburg

20 mei, 2013

Our German branch in Duisburg has now been open for 15 years. Recently, and in particular since the establishment of BU Gas Logistics, we have noticed that the space was no longer appropriate for the developments that have taken place over the years. The clear pronouncement of the Den Hartogh management team that our activities in Germany are to be further enhanced was underpinned at the end of 2011 with the decision to expand and thoroughly modernise the current premises.


We have doubled the useful floor space of the office and staff rooms within 8 months. This was achieved by making the top floor accessible. The rooms were ready to use by January of this year. The entire team is housed together on the ground floor. This guarantees short lines of communication. The entire floor space of the office now has 40 workspaces, which means that there is also room available for further expansion. Besides meeting rooms and a kitchen, the staff rooms for our drivers are also located on the top floor. Drivers from other Den Hartogh branches stay over in Duisburg, especially on the weekends. This is why the staff rooms were generously fitted with separate showers, a kitchen, washing machine and dryer in order to provide every convenience for employees who cannot be with their families on the weekend.


The team in Duisburg is looking forward to your visit.


Wolfgang Unger

Stefanie Seifert


Timo Meyendriesch

Andreas Rohrback

Frank Biastoch

Uwe Kahnert

Dieter Hanzen

Ralf Drenkers

Michael Schuch

Hans Herms

Christian Patotschka