Next step with Smart Tank transport equipment.

6 dec, 2013

For customer NAM (Shell Upstream), Den Hartogh is transporting significant volumes of gas condensate. The condensate is loaded at multiple gas production locations in the Netherlands and through short distance road haulage transported to a few storage locations. This upstream gas condensate contains fluctuating amounts of water, causing the density to vary strongly in the range between 0,77 and 1,10 kg/l. At low densities the max payload per trip is limited by the capacity of the assigned tank trailers instead of the weight restrictions. These tank trailers have a capacity of 37.500 liter.


Den Hartogh Logistics focussed on Continuous Improvement and designed a way to increase the payload for those trips where density is low. This resulted in a detailed offer to customer NAM for investment in a number of high-volume, 45.000 liter stainless steel tank trailers. These tank trailers can carry up to 17,5% more low density product, leading to an equal reduction of safety risks (driving, loading, unloading), costs and carbon footprint. Together with NAM, the optimum loading locations were identified, assuring maximum utilisation of this high volume equipment.

Luc Kunst, Contract Holder Land Transport at NAM, says: "As NAM we aim to have an HSSE & SP1) performance we can be proud of. We therefore pursue Goal Zero, work to reduce environmental impacts of our operations and projects and engage with our neighbors and stakeholders. We work in a joined up way across the areas of health, safety, security, the environment (HSSE) and social performance (SP) to contribute to sustainable development. We are pleased that we can count on the innovative powers of our contractors, such as Den Hartogh.

These high volume trailers have less exposure to environment and neighbors and decrease the number of kilometers the driver has to be on the road. This combined with lower costs per unit of gas-condensate is what nowadays already helps reducing the gaps with future demands on our business."

The new high volume tank trailers will be added to the fleet in January of 2014.


1) HSSE & SP: Heath, Safety, Security, Environment & Social Performance