Preface by Gerard van der Kroon

11 jul, 2012

Halfway 2012. At this moment the first half of the year is already over. And although the summer period has begun by now, the sun is not shining everywhere.


In the Netherlands, but especially in Europe it is heavily overcast and there is great concern about the economic situation.

Near-term political developments and the upcoming elections in the Netherlands will not make life any easier

for businesses in general and therefore also for the central point of our organisation. Even so,

we are confident that our activities and therefore our profits will continue to grow.


Whether or not there is great concern in Europe, the rest of the world will not wait for us, and

there are many examples of major economic activity and further growth. Countries like China,

Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia continue to develop at a high pace.


Early in June Den Hartogh Logistics was part of the ITCO Village at the Transport Logistic fair

in Shanghai. It is clear that Den Hartogh Global is seen as a new, professional player in the

market, in addition to the well-known major operators.


With the right focus on the activities of our business units Liquid Logistics, Gas Logistics,

Global and Tank Cleaning we are on our way with rolling out our plans up to the year 2015.

And with a sales volume of 400 million euros this is, to use the words of Pieter den Hartogh, "Carved in Stone".

On behalf of the Board of Directors,


Gerard van der Kroon