Press release - Change ahead! - On the way to a new head office

27 sep, 2012

From 1 January 2013, Den Hartogh Logistics will be located in a new office in the Willingestraat, Waalhaven, Port of Rotterdam. The employees of Den Hartogh have been informed this week.


This brand new and ultra-modern location completely meets the requirements of tomorrow in terms of a sustainable, but especially also an inspiring and flexible working environment. The team that is currently still divided amongst the sites in Rozenburg and Oss will join forces in the new location.


The new office and the chosen flexible layout form an important part of our modern, contemporary work culture. For many people, working at Den Hartogh Logistics is no longer bound by a specific place and time. Our office will fulfil the role of meeting place and a place for people to work together. The two existing offices in Rozenburg and Oss cannot fulfil this role towards the future.