Round table: Young Den Hartogh meets Transport Logistics Netherlands

15 nov, 2012

To be green or not; that's the question....


On the 7th of November 2012 Young Den Hartogh participated in a round table meeting with Transport Logistics Netherlands. The focus was on the future of sustainable transport and the challenge for Den Hartogh Logistics to maintain the frontrunner position as a sustainable partner in smart logistics.


The young ambitious professionals challenged each other and Transport Logistics Netherlands on topics as innovative fuelling from well to wheel and a European hallmark for sustainable transport.


The engaged platform emphasized that the generation of Young Den Hartogh is focussed on sustainable challenges within bulk liquid transport.  The tough debate made it clear that Den Hartogh Logistics doesn't choose short cuts for sustainability.


The next challenge for Young Den Hartogh is to create a partnership with the stakeholders within the chemical industry. The first meetings have already been planned......