SABIC Safety Events

3 jul, 2012

On the 22nd of March SABIC organised an event which focused on Road Transport Safety. The location of this event was the SABIC European headquarter in Sittard.


For both Den Hartogh and SABIC, SAFETY is the first priority in their partnership. This event was organised along the principles of "a culture. of unconditional dedication to safety".


Mathijs Ploumen, Category Manager Land Transportation Supply Chain Chemicals at SABIC Europe, invited Den Hartogh Logistics to give a presentation. Main topics to be covered were safety principles, experience on the specific

aspects of road transport and Behavior Based Safety (BBS). An important part of the event focused on getting to know a road tanker in real life and learn from experiences of a truckdriver who is on the road day by day with hazardous



Ton van Peperstraten, Driver Trainer accompanied by our driver Ton Slobbe provided three sessions where more than 50 backoffice employees of SABIC Europe participated.


Topics covered included Modalities, Product information, ADR, Technical and Rules & Regulations. Insights were provided on the evaluation of a Material Safety Data Sheet, the UN classes of dangerous goods, routes and obstacles,

the choice and suitability of the tank equipment, the way of transport i.e. bottom- or top discharge, filling degree, use of pump or compressor, hoses, heating, cleaning etc.


Mathijs Ploumen on behalf of SABIC: "Bringing people in the field together with people in the back office creates more respect and understanding of each others roles in the supply chain, enhancing safety"


At the same time we were invited by SABIC to give an instruction to their company fire brigade at their location in Bergen op Zoom.


Menno van Leeuwen, Technical Supervisor, accompanied by experienced drivers Jan Kool and Hans Vlasblom provided an instruction during 5 different occasions to fit with the shift pattern of the fire brigade officers. The instruction included a truck and road barrel combination. After this instruction the fire brigade knows better what to do in case of an incident.

As Den Hartogh we are proud to organise such events together with our customers and when

you are interested to find out how this can be done, do not hesitate to contact us.


Reinier Meijer