Shell Chemicals attended BBS Loading/Unloading Training

14 nov, 2013

Rob Beneker, Land Logistics Technical Adviser, Shell Chemicals Europe B.V., has participated in the BBS Loading / Unloading training course at the Den Hartogh Training Institute.


As a smart logistics provider Den Hartogh Logistics knows that safety has a high attention at both Shell and Den Hartogh Logistics. With the training Behaviour Based Safety Loading and Unloading (BBS) we like to show safety has the highest priority within the Den Hartogh Logistics organisation.


The following is a report by Rob Beneker:


I very much enjoyed participating in your BBS Loading / Unloading driver’s training day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Den Hartogh and Ton van Peperstraten in particular once again for the invitation and for the excellent reception at Den Hartogh Logistics on that day.

In terms of content, a number of good topics were discussed on that day, each of which is important for the in-depth knowledge and awareness of all drivers. I feel that the practical section of the afternoon is extremely useful because the correct use of hoses and equipment on the container or truck is extremely important for safe loading and unloading.

I believe that effective inspection of alignment, careful use of equipment and good communication with operational personnel is essential for the prevention of leaks and other incidents.

Two positive issues that I want to highlight are the checks of the ADR knowledge and language skills that Ton has integrated into this training. This minimises the risk of fraud with ADR certificates and simultaneously creates a perfect overview of the average language skills in the various countries of Eastern Europe.


Thank you again,


Rob Beneker