Sustainable Christmas Greetings 2013

19 dec, 2013

This year, Den Hartogh Logistics has again decided not to send Christmas cards to its business contacts and to donate the corresponding amount to local charities chosen by Young Den Hartogh.


Contribution by Jan Halin 

Young Den Hartogh Charity:  “Voedselbank” (food for the poor)

I have the honour this year as member of Young Den Hartogh 2 to donate € 1.250,00 on behalf of Den Hartogh Logistics to local charity. The local charity I have chosen is “Voedselbank” (food or the poor) for the district that I am living in which is Beuningen (next to Nijmegen).


Where does “Voedelbank” stand for:

“Voedselbank” is an organisation, which helps people in need who do not have enough money to buy food for themselves or for their families. Voedselbank gathers food, which cannot be sold anymore free from different local producers and distributors. These are 100% good quality products. The food will then be brought to a local distribution point from where it is packed and will  be handed over to the local people.


Voedselbank does not get any subsidy and only works with volunteers, so they have to lobby for every penny. Voedselbank fights against poverty and waste of good food.


Why I chose this charity:

I personally know a family who needed help from this charity in the past. It is heart braking to see a family with little children suffer without enough money to buy proper food and on the other hand, to see many people just throwing away good food like it is nothing. I chose this charity because everybody needs help in need and it is good to see that there are still people who are volunteering to help others.


The reaction on my phone call and visiting them was so overwhelming and so warm, I could not describe this on paper. We need to respect and cherish these people who help other people in need.


Check also there facebook page on: 


Contribution by Anna Pospiszyl 

As one of the members of the Young Den Hartogh 2 team, I got the opportunity to donate a charitable organization that works locally and it makes me feel very happy that we can help people in need.


In Poland there are still a lot of children who do not have their families and because of that I chose a children's home in Zabrze, where 33 children aged from 3 to 18 years live and are brought up. This particular children's home is in a difficult financial situation at the moment: recently 2 washing machines broke down. The management does not have adequate financial resources to buy the children clothes and shoes for the winter. But still they are trying to make each child feel important and loved and they take care of them sleeping peacefully in warm conditions.


The educators at the orphanage are available all the time – in mornings they are helping in preparing for school, and then after returning from school they work out together, spend their free time. Their motto is “learning through playing”.

Where possible, they arrange local tours for children, winter and summer holidays. They are also trying to prepare their pupils as good as possible for an independent life from the moment they leave the children's home.


When I visited this institution on the 5th of December, everyone welcomed me very warmly with smiles on their faces. When you see the smile on a child's face, you know that it is blissful. Of course this project would not be this successful without the help of psychologists, who work with these children helping them not to feel inferior to others. Educators of the orphanage also collaborate with fellow families who have declared to help to take out these children during holidays and weekends, organizing attractions, ensuring them to enjoy their free time. These are not random families, these are people who have helped these children for many years.


During my visit I was told about their plans of preparing for Christmas and they informed me also that our charity gift was given in a real good time. They were moved by our desire to help. 


They asked me to hand over praise and thanks for good heart to the whole Den Hartogh Logistics team!


Contribution by Patrick Kanters 

Young Den Hartogh Charity: “Stichting Hulphond” (Service Dog Foundation)


On behalf of Young Den Hartogh we were able to donate  € 1.250,- to a charity. My family and I have chosen “Stichting Hulphond”.

This foundation teaches 70 particular skills to guide dogs to help people with physical disabilities or for people who have therapeutic needs. The goal is to increase the independence and autonomy, which increases the chances of (re) integration in society.

Contribution by Maksim Noskov 

Young Den Hartogh Charity: orphanage in St. Petersburg


On the eve of the New Year’s holidays, our company visited orphanage no. 8 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The purpose of the visit was to help orphans. Children over there do not have proper winter clothing, so we decided to do what we can do to help. Children welcomed me as a real Santa Claus who gives the most desirable gifts. I wish there are more such Santa Claus’s…


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!