Truckers Tour for the Disabled 2012

14 apr, 2012

On Saturday 14 April 2012 the 15th Truckers Tour for the Disabled was organised by the Truckrun Spijkenisse foundation. At 07:15 all participating drivers were present in the drivers' canteen in Rozenburg. Then the convoy of 15

trucks set off to Spijkenisse, where the disabled people were already waiting to be picked up. As soon as everyone had got in, the trip around the Voorne - Putten region could start. The route was the same as last year, and just like then

there were many people enthusiastically waving at the disabled people and our drivers. Around 13:30 it was time for a break in the Brielse Maas recreation area, where all our participating drivers received a delicious lunch, organised by Den Hartogh Logistics.



The tour in Rozenburg was the high point of the trip. There were lots of people standing along the road, and the fire brigade made quite a spectacle by sounding their sirens as the procession passed by.


Upon return to Spijkenisse there was a dish of chips for all participants. All the persons who had ridden with us received a small bag with nice Den Hartogh Logistics gadgets. After the meal all drivers drove back to Rozenburg, where they received a small surprise: a wonderful group photograph, as a souvenir of the 15th Truckers' Tour for the Disabled.


We thank all drivers for their effort for this good cause. Everyone had had a fantastic day again and is already looking forward to next year's Tour, just like us!


To watch a film clip of the Tour, go to and type "15e Truckrun Spijkenisse Voorne-Putten 2012".


Stephanie de Bie

Wouter Wijnvoord