Visit of Customer Relation Coordinators Shell Chemicals

10 feb, 2015

On Wednesday 12 November 2014, a group of 10 Customer Relation Coordinators, accompanied by 2 Transport Coordinators from Shell Chemicals, visited Den Hartogh Logistics. The organisation of this session was prompted by two reasons: Acknowledgement of all those involved and thereby the importance of personal contact between the counterparts in identical functions at LSP and the customer. In this case, Customer Relation Coordinators at Shell and Account Managers at Den Hartogh Logistics. It is also seen as a positive factor when all parties involved in a supply chain can get to know the equipment in which the LSP transports the customer's product. With these main elements in mind a programme was created for this afternoon at the Den Hartogh site in Rozenburg, where our workshop is located.


The group made better acquaintance with Den Hartogh Logistics as a business in general, after which Anita van Dam – Account Manager for Shell – presented the route that a Shell order takes within Den Hartogh from the moment of intake to the moment of completion. Menno van Leeuwen –Technical Supervisor – then gave a guided tour of the workshop, enabling everyone to get to know a wide range of equipment types: hoses, couplings, trucks, on-board computers, valves and a truck with a trailer/container.


Everyone experienced the afternoon as positive:


"To me it was the first trip of this kind. Combination of an insight into haulier's kitchen with plant visit gave me definitely a better understanding of the complexity of this part of the OTC process. Speaking of Den Hartogh' site experience I was kind of amazed how such a small office is able to manage such a big fleet and number of orders coming from much more customers than Shell only. Impressive crew's achievement (man force and ITC systems)!"


Tomasz Wlodarski


"Together with my colleagues from Shell Chemicals Customer Center, we visited Den Hartogh.

During the visit we were able to meet our counterparts and their team in person, received a presentation and a guided tour through their Technical Services site.

I gained a lot of insight on Den Hartogh as a Chemical Logistics company, the equipment, their processes and the team!


Thanks again to you and your colleagues for your time and hospitality"


Carla Flores