What’s in the name!

10 okt, 2013

Den Hartogh Logistics’ Business Unit Global Logistics has been making great progress in many areas since it was first established in 2011. The first quarter of this year – its second full year of operations – went very well. Despite somewhat weaker growth in the subsequent months, the prospects remain excellent. Results up to August this year exceeded plan, with a doubling in turnover for this period compared to last year.


Growth of the business is positive in all regions, with the Middle East showing a particularly strong increase. In fact, in this region requirements for tank containers are expected to increase in the coming years. In America, results now show signs of improvement following the extra effort put into reducing the backlog. With the expansion of the fleet continuing at a steady pace, our global fleet now exceeds 1,000 ISO tanks. This year, approximately 100 standard tanks are being added to the fleet every month, and we also added MDI/TDI and baffle tanks this year. We are well on the way to achieving our aim of growing the fleet to 5,000 tank containers by the end of 2015!


New developments

Another important development has been the setting up of an administrative department in Dubai for the Middle East and Asian regions. This means that customers and suppliers in these regions can be managed from Dubai, including aspects such as invoicing and accounting. This makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently in the various time zones. In addition, new tanks will be designated as a leasing component the Middle East. Fleet management will take place from Dubai in collaboration with the colleagues in Rotterdam.


Excellent customer service in the commercial and operations areas is very important for continued growth of the business unit. We firmly believe that Den Hartogh Global can boost its profile in this field and continue to build on its acceptance as a worldwide player. The further development of our organization at all locations is an ongoing process: training in systems and processes; agreements on cooperation; the focus on data quality in our transport logistic system; and team development, are all very important parts of this process.


Go with the flow

Our customer base is also growing structurally in America, Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the number of customers for whom we carry out worldwide transport is increasing. This underlines the effectiveness of our working method, which has enabled Den Hartogh to become the company it is today in Europe, and offers significant opportunities for our global petrochemical logistics customers. We are successfully implementing our ambition to grow with our customers worldwide by, amongst other things, synchronizing our services with changing global flows. These changing flows make our focus an important building block for the future, as we continue to build on the reputation we already enjoy as a sustainable LSP for the (Petro)Chemical & Gas Industry. In alignment with our other business units, the name of the unit will be changed to Global Logistics at the end of 2013.