Den Hartogh Gas Logistics

What we do

The business unit specializes in the transport of liquefied gases in bulk by road and by intermodal via rail and vessels. The strength of the company is its safety policy and training, flexibility, local customer relationships and it strong network in Europe, Russia and Turkey with specialized in house trained gas drivers. In close cooperation with Den Hartogh Global we export your liquefied gases worldwide with our 20 ft ISO tanks.


We bring our smart logistics solutions to customers

We have an intense relationship with our customers, we call it good chemistry. When aim to know in detail the supply chain need of our customers and their receivers. By knowing the real details we are able to propose important optimizations and bring smart logistics solutions. We deliver modal shift studies, temporally storage solutions, transport during peaks and we even manage inbound gas logistics for one of the biggest filling plants in Europe. Den Hartogh Gas Logistics manages their stocks; replenish 7 days per week 24 hours per day in a seamless operation.



Another important work field is the distribution of air gases and CO2. We distribute air gases for the major Tier 1 players in the Benelux, France and Eastern Europe. Next to that an extensive owned fleet of cryogenic containers and trailers for CO2, Argon, Oxygen and Nitrogen are at your disposal for distribution or worldwide transport. Den Hartogh Gas Logistics can provide the complete solution including equipment rental in combination with (seasonal) logistics. We call it service ‘smart logistics solutions'.


The Fleet

At the moment we have a gas fleet consisting of about 200 units whereof 160 tank containers and 40 aerosols/dme trailers. We operate one of the largest fleets of 30 ft 42.000 liter tanks in Europe. This type of tank is meant exclusively for odorless butane propane mixtures and DME. Our road fleet specializes in the same products.


Our brand new global fleet consists of the newest series of high pressure 20 ft tanks for R-gases (all types) and many other chemical gases. Also we have a cryogenic ISO container fleet including CO2 tanks with and without pumps. So it will be rare if you do not find what you look for at Den Hartogh Gas Logistics.


Technical expertise

We have in house technical expertise that can assist you with ideas, knowledge and bring you the best smart logistics solutions. We participate closely with customers when it comes to new supply chains, the set up of new production units where it comes to the logistics part, storage projects and specialized equipment. You can use this knowledge and take advantage of it.


Please ask

If you have a project, a challenge or just a transport need, please contact us so that we can look together to find the best and most cost effective solutions for you. We are a motivated team that is eager to do better tomorrow. Every day.

Every one of our more than 500 trucks is equipped with satellite communications to ensure real-time track & trace