Serving global needs with local strengths

We speak your language

Den Hartogh was one of the pioneers of intermodal logistics for the bulk liquid chemicals and gas industry. We have a dedicated business unit for our global operations that serves the needs of leading manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and traders around the world. Our ambition is to be a significant global player in our specialised market.


An emerging global force

We have experienced sustained business growth in intercontinental traffic since opening our hubs in Turkey, Dubai, Houston and Singapore and last but not least by acquiring the InterBulk Group in March 2016. This was an important step to expand our global footprint with increased local presence and worldwide expertise to more than 1500 employees in 36 offices close to our customers.


Masters of optimisation

We combine a balanced network of facilities with special equipment - such as lightweight road barrels and ISO containers - to create optimum payloads and optimised transport chains. To us, intermodal means using the most cost effective medium at every stage of the journey, be it road haulage, rail wagons, or container ships. The result: optimised logistics solutions.


Supporting your flows

We tailor our solutions to every customer's needs, responding to the changing transport flows around the world. As each new route or lane emerges we match our growth in capacity and facilities to it, so that our customers can benefit quickly from the new possibilities...and the cheapest routes. At Den Hartogh, we understand the flows of intercontinental trade.


Serving world players

Leading companies worldwide already use our services for liquid chemicals and gas logistics. In many areas we operate from facilities that are specifically equipped for bulk liquid handling, tank container storage and product temperature maintenance. And we cooperate pro-actively with every customer to expand our resources in line with their preferred trade routes.

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