Liquid Logistics

Leading in Liquid Logistics

Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics is specialized in transporting and storing liquid chemicals. For transportation we use large single or multi-compartment bulk-liquid containers and road barrels that provide maximum carrying capacity for every shipment. This ensures extremely cost-efficient transportation and means Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics can offer the lowest possible prices.


Trained for Liquid Chemicals

Because Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics only handles liquid chemicals, our containers and road barrels are designed for this purpose. Our personnel are specially (and frequently) trained for the task too: for example, we use certified drivers, who deal continually with hazardous chemicals, so they know how to respond in any situation. Additionally, we employ Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors to manage the safety aspects of our business. Loading and discharging substances classified as hazardous requires a specialist approach. Which is why we have made this our greatest strength: delivering smart solutions that are customized to the needs of each client, for every situation.


Continuous control

We manage our operations within a Central Transport Management System in which all movements of the chemicals are tracked. All our vehicles are fitted with satellite and mobile communication systems, making interactive two-way data transmission and positioning possible every minute of the day, 24/7. We are constantly in touch with our drivers and know their status at all times. Even under changing circumstances, we're in a position to respond flexibly to every situation.


Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics operates a unique Supply Chain Management System. This system integrates the vehicle communication system with Transfusion® multi-disciplinary application software, providing a common interface for both the terrestrial and satellite communications systems. Combined with standard applications this smart solution creates an extremely efficient information system, ensuring we have continuous control over our operations and your commitment to your customer.


Understanding your business

Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics uses a network of depots, which means that local drivers present the vehicles at the pick-up points and end-destinations. This avoids language barriers and potential problems with local cultures. It also allows us to reach deep into regions where non-local drivers could have difficulties or even face danger. While our central control unit ensures cost effectiveness, our regional offices add value to your operation by providing local experience.


Around the clock communication with drivers