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Den Hartogh Community Cares (DHCC) is an initiative within the Den Hartogh Group, founded for all our Den Hartogh employees who want to get involved as a team in their communities by organising charitable events, volunteering or contributing to their communities.

Den Hartogh Community Cares has been inspired by all previous initiatives and charitable events which have been done in the last years at own initiative of our employees. As Den Hartogh, we are extremely proud of this! DHCC is build on the following core principles:

Core values of Den Hartogh
DHCC is an initiative that embraces a set of core values that reflect the chemistry and atmosphere we want to work in. The six core values of the Den Hartogh Group form the foundation of Den Hartogh Community Cares: Respect, Initiative, People Development, Caring, Fun in Business and Openness. 

Collect, share and realize
DHCC is an initiative for all Den Hartogh employees to collect, share and realise local and global charitable initiatives. Initiatives can be captured under one brand, Den Hartogh Community Cares.

Act local, think global
DHCC is an initiative build by Den Hartogh employees for Den Hartogh employees. The aim is to support our teams in realising socially responsible initiatives and to give back to our employees and the communities around us.

DHCC provides support to employees within each office to collaborate and work together on socially responsible initiatives which employees feel personally connected to. By collaborating and working together towards one common goal, we unite our employees and our different offices as we believe that we are better together!

Den Hartogh Community Cares (DHCC) is a sustainable initiative within the Den Hartogh Group. By embedding the DHCC initiative in our organisation, we make it more accessible for our employees to volunteer and get involved as a team in their communities. We believe that volunteerism can positively contribute to building strong teams in our offices and to get to know your colleagues in a different way.



Background DHCC
In December 2018, Den Hartogh Community Cares was launched throughout the organization and started it´s pilot phase with the support of Young Den Hartogh. After it´s pilot phase, DHCC was embedded in the organisation and is now dependent on Den Hartogh employees for the continuation and maintenance of the initiative.

Currently, many offices within the Den Hartogh Group are participating in and/or organising local charitable initiatives within their communities. As Den Hartogh, we want to stimulate and support our teams in taking inspiring initiatives like this. DHCC provides employees with the support to participate in socially responsible and charitable events. The initiative also aims to combine and centralise knowledge and passion in social responsibility. The aim was to make DHCC a sustainable initiative which succeeded as DHCC is now a successful and living initiative within our offices, amongst our employees and throughout the Den Hartogh Group.